29 May 2011

what more can i say..

 "Babe, I am just too eccentric for normal human being." I am not eccentric in the easiest way you can say. I am not "complicated" nor am I "unique". I am just what you called an IKEA item. You know IKEA stuff? They look good and such a good idea when you first saw it. And then you bought it, it becomes a pain in your heart. Yes, I am just like that. but,all the pain will teach you much.

I like stuff with reasons people do not understand .

I just want to be normal when others want to be different and then end up being too normal that I actually want to be different again.

I have a love-hate relationship with everything and everyone.
Sometimes I am afraid of losing someone and sometimes I'm not.
I can hate a guy just because he thinks I'm special.

One may think I'm really funny while another will think my jokes are too much to handle.
I'm a hot-tempered person like my paternal grampa but do not let go like my maternal grampa. Which makes me someone who gets emotional too quickly and yet keeping it inside. Which I think is a bad combination to be a human, and a good combination to be in a state of depression. HAHAHA..

I remember. I can't not remember or forget stuff. People say you forgive and forget but I can never forget. It's like I don't have a delete button in my brain laptop.
And the best part is that: You get to see all of this after knowing me for three months. That is why I always give a man three months to run away.

but, when three month passed. mean that, yes. i'm serious with you and our relationship.
i'm not the girl, when you leave me. i will begging you please accept me back. NOPE ! i'm not begging to anyone. because, it too much. just leave and never turn back.

i'm dislike people who always say that i am pretty. NO,i'm not. i'm just love be myself at all. so, accept me as who i really was. i will loved you more than you do. so please. don't you ever try to break my heart.

thank you. later darling.

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