17 April 2011


it doesn't how tough we are, trauma always leaves a scar. seriously, by leaving you.. all might be fine. no one will getting hurt anymore. yup. trauma messes everybody up, but think it twice. all the pain, all the fear, will keeps us moving FORWARD. maybe we have  to get messed up, before we can step up.. 

seriously, you are the best thing ever ! hey people..
just because i laugh a lot,it doesn't mean i have a perfect life or my life is damn easy.
it doesn't mean that somethings not bothering me, by having a smile on my face every day..
its too hard..
hard to stand over your love one. hard too keep you mind positively..
but, i have to do it. instead of dwelling on the past.

i'm not BEGGING to anyone, because it will hurt me twice. by having a good life is all about justice.

maybe, i'm not the right person for you to love.
yes, i don't live to please anymore.

i'll never letting you down. believes me.

sekadar hiasan

ooh yaa ! just keep on being you ARE. because that's the  BEST part of you.. 
( i wish to say it before its too late )

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