24 March 2011

a heart for sale

I have nothing to smile about today. I feel defeated mostly. To cry? I have no tears last night. Maybe it is too hurtful that tears are not worth to be dropped. But I have other things await. There is no need to cry on one lose, when you still have opportunities to win others. I am strong enough to go through heart break when I have plenty of that on my past. I am not going to force anyone to lid light so i can see my future. I burn myself if I have to. I am independent enough to carve path. I am me, who lead and refuse to follow. So why bother cry for a man, when I can have better one in future? I will get what I want. Nothing to worry. Everything will be fine. This is my choice and I will never look back. i want to build up my education first.. refuse to follow my bad dream..and follow the better ones.. its okay, i'm fine.. and strong enough to rock the world (maybe).. HAHA.. cant you see it?? i am a "big" girl, right now.. yes i am.. 

p/s : Thank you for leaving, as you make me see the real one standing in front of me. Just so everyone know, human's love ain't grand. They never are at the first place. It will only be grand if you put Allah in front of it. and, Shaf.. thanks a lot dude.. you make things become more easier for me..

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