14 March 2011


hey, selamat malam..

  "i never leave you.. but you LEFT me..and force me to make a better choice. what for? thats because of MY fault or YOURS?.."

  you are sweet, such a sweets for a kids.. or maybe just like an ice cream, needed by me in very hot days.. you blew up my mind.. you make me think about my better future without "childish thinking".. thanks mum..
  i wanna be you melody in every kinds of your music.. be you shadow in every "afternoon".. should i do that, should i do these.. you always make my mind blew up damn easily.. sometimes, you make me angry too.. but, its okey.. i know that because you loved me.. Listen carefully in every little words that you say.. laugh and singing together, such a very beautiful days..

  i am such a melting ice, when i see you face in everyday..i wanna kiss your heart even without permissions to do that..i wanna make you smile and hide all my sorrow.. YOUR beautiful its true. hey, i'm in love with you, you, you.. my family, my inspirations.. my best friends, my loved ones..

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